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333+ Apple Varieties

Yep, we're growing that many different types of apples. It's an incredible collection of classic heirloom and wonderful connoisseur varieties. And almost none are what you'll find filling the bins of most grocery stores. Read more


Rooms With a View

Salt Spring Island is an idyllic place to visit. And where better to stay than a room at the B&B @ Salt Spring Apple Company? Perfectly located and open year-round.

Read more


Your own Apple Tree

We've got heritage and connoisseur apple trees for sale and we'll even graft one to your personal specifications. Read more

Your New Apple Tree

How We Make 'em

The apple trees we sell are certified organic, grafted and grown by us right here on our Salt Spring Island property.

We take buds from the varieties we want to propagate and graft them onto rootstock each sping and again in late summer.

Choosing a Tree

The possibilities are almost endless. What sort of apples do you want? Fresh eating? Baking? Juicing? Sweet apples? Tart? Hard? Soft? Red skin? Green? Yellow? Summer harvest? Fall? Even later?

We can help you choose.

Where to plant

Apple trees are hardy and can survive even poor conditions. Still, make life easy for your new apple tree by giving it as sunny and warm a location as possible. The richer the soil, the faster it will grow.

When to Plant

You can plant a potted apple tree almost any time. We do recommend that you avoid the hottest week or two of the year, though.

Tree Care

Read our tips on Planting Your Apple Tree and Ongoing Care of Your Apple Tree.

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