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Yarlington Mill

Why you should be excited:

Yarlington Mill is a fine English cider apple that can make a most pleasant single-variety cider.


apple_YarlingtonMill_small.JPGThe story of Yarlington Mill:

Cider apples are an animal (well, plant) unto themselves.

Rarely palatable eaten fresh, they are particularly valued when they are sweet, tart and bitter at the same time, not to mention juicy and compelx in flavour.

This is a tall order, indeed, which is why the vast majority of high-quality alcoholic ciders are made from blends of numerous different apple varieties.

But there are a few varieties -- including Yarlington Mill -- that deliver all of those characteristics in a single apple. These are called 'vintage' varieties and they're the only ones that can make the grade in cider-making when just a single variety is used.

We're looking forward to producing our own crops of Yarlington Mill and seeing what they can do in cider.

Yarlington Mill Facts

Its origins:

Discovered near Yarlington, Somerset, England, sometime early in the 20th century.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

An English cider apple producing bittersweet juice that can be used to make a high-quality, single-variety traditional-style cider.


These large apples are red over a yellow background skin colour.

When they’re available:

Very late season (usually in November).

Quality for fresh eating:

Like all cider apples, you're not going to enjoy eating it fresh.

Quality for cooking:

Used exclusively to make alcoholic cider.

Keeping ability:

Not generally kept for any period of time. Please crush, press and ferment...

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