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Our Top 25

Here they are: our premiere selection of apple varieties. We consider these to be the varieties most likely to consistently produce magnificent and memorable fruit in our Salt Spring Island orchard. Read more


Cider Kings

We definitely don't stop at 25 varieties. In fact, we consider these 29 traditional cider varieties (with a few crab-apples and a diminutive super-juicer thrown in) to be the secret to Real Cider. They're most certainly worth checking out. Read more


The Whole 333+

In a world blessed with thousands of apple varieties, not making our Top 25 or Cider Kings lists is hardly cause for embarrassment. Every one of these 333+ apples is a winner in our books. Read more

The Whole 333

Jonafree-bloom-4.jpgYou'd never know it from the average grocery store selection, but there are literally thousands of great apple varieties. We're growing 333 of them at Salt Spring Apple Company and are excited about every last one of them.

Here's are lists of everything we're currently growing (including Our Top 25 and Cider Kings). Most of the varieties we grow appear in our orchard in small quantities -- usually just three trees of each variety. Why? Because, if we grew more of each, we simply wouldn't have room for them all in our modest three-acre orchard.

Click on the links below to see alphabetic lists of everything we've got:

Apple varieties from Accordian through Cullasaga

Apple varieties from D'Arcy Spice through Grimes Golden

Apple varieties from Hackworth through Lord Lambourne

Apple varieties from Macoun through Pristine

Apple varieties from Quinte through Sweet Winesap

Apple varieties from Tolman Sweet through Zestar!

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