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Our Top 25

Here they are: our premiere selection of apple varieties. We consider these to be the varieties most likely to consistently produce magnificent and memorable fruit in our Salt Spring Island orchard. Read more


Cider Kings

We definitely don't stop at 25 varieties. In fact, we consider these 29 traditional cider varieties (with a few crab-apples and a diminutive super-juicer thrown in) to be the secret to Real Cider. They're most certainly worth checking out. Read more


The Whole 333+

In a world blessed with thousands of apple varieties, not making our Top 25 or Cider Kings lists is hardly cause for embarrassment. Every one of these 333+ apples is a winner in our books. Read more

The Big 26

The Big 26 are apple varieties that didn't make Our Top Nine but are still just too damn good to get lost in the shuffle. So we planted lots of these ones too. This collection includes more all-time favourites plus newer varieties ideally suited to our mild maritime climate. We've also included a bunch of traditional cider varieties, as real cider is where it's at these days. You're going to want to try them all!


Airlie Red Flesh

We aren't allowed to use this variety's better-known name without buying a licence, so we're happy to use this more straightforward name for a tasty and red-fleshed apple. Read more

Bulmer's Norman

As high brow cider returns to prominence, we expect you'll be seeing a lot more of this English variety popping up in orchards. Read more



A modern variety that's 'free' from disease and - more importantly - tastes great. Read more



Most of our top apple varieties are old time classics, but this youngster makes the grade despite its youth. There are lots of    good reasons why. Read more



At first we didn't include Gravenstein on this list. Then we listened to its enthusiastic fans and reconsidered. Read more


Harry Masters Jersey

Another fine English bittersweet cider apple, this is one of several varieties we're eagerly monitoring to see how it will add body, depth and colour to real cider.  Read more


Juicy, creamy and this German variety will store nicely right through the winter. Read more



We admit: we vacillated on whether to include it. But this is a good one, so it's in The Big 18. Read more

Tremlett's Bitter

This 19th century cider apple brings two great assets to the cider-making table: it's got high sugar levels and high tannins. Read more

Williams' Pride

You'd be proud too if you bred an early apple this tasty. Read more

Wynoochee Early

Rare for an early apple, this one has full-bodied flavour and is equally good for fresh eating as it is for cooking. Read more

Yarlington Mill

Cider apples that make great cider without being blended with other varieties are called 'vintage.' This be one of those outstanding varieties. Read more

Bramley's Seedling

If you're from the UK, we need say nothing more about this legendary cooker. Read more


Chisel Jersey

This cider apple was all the rage in the UK back in the 1960s and '70s. Today it's viewed as just another solid variety, but it sure grows well in our orchard! Read more


Here's another cider apple. This one is considered to be a dream variety for really serious aficianados. Read more



Some prefer the European name: Querina. Everyone likes the aromatic flavour. Read more


Grimes Golden

Here's a classic, chosen for those who love a crisp, juicy late season yellow apple. Read more



Lovers of the classic Jonathan are going to like this modern version too. Read more


Kingston Black

Is there an apple variety that works better in traditional cider than this one? If there is, we'd like to know about it... Read more


Sense a theme developing here? This apple is legendary for its dependability. Read more

Muscadet de Dieppe

From Normandy, this is yet another much respected cider variety. Read more

Nova Easygro

Yes, it sounds like an appliance, but this Canadian apple tastes darn good. Read more


Stoke Red

Are you detecting a theme here? Yes, we're growing quite a few traditional cider varieties... Read more

Sweet Bough

So tasty and so early in the season, we're amazed this American heritage apple is virtually unknown. Read more



Some call it a crabapple, while others say it's just a small apple. Either way, this little fella packs a flavour punch. Read more

Winter Banana

Another 19th century favourite, equally well suited to fresh eating and cooking. Read more


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