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Why you should be excited:

Spigold is the successful bringing together of Northern Spy and Golden Delicious, a quality apple to be sure.


apple_spigold.jpgThe story of Spigold:

The bringing together of two major apple varieties in breeding often produces mediocrity that lives up to the best of neither parent.

That, of course, is why apple breeding is neither a quick process nor a simple one. When done with care and persistence –- such as happened with Spigold’s combination of Golden Delicious and Northern Spy –- we can end up with a new variety that improves upon both parents. More complex, more balanced, more interesting.

So say the proponents of this fine apple, a variety created by New York’s long-respected Agricultural Experiment Station.

Sounds like an apple well worth trying, wouldn’t you say?

Spigold Facts

Its origins:

Bred in Geneva, New York, USA; 1962 introduction.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

Fine-grained, crisp and juicy. Sprightly, sweet and highly aromatic. Some say it improves and becomes more complex with time in storage.


An attractive, large apple with reddish and bronze striping on its yellow background skin colour.

When they’re available:

Late season (usually in mid-October).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:


Keeping ability:

Good (about 3 months when kept refrigerated).

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