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Roman Stem

Why you should be excited:

Roman Stem is an old apple variety from New Jersey, notable for both its quality and its productiveness.


apple_romanstem.jpgThe story of Roman Stem:

In a world with many, many interesting apple varieties and -- for most of us -- limited growing space, it can be hard to pick varieties to plant.

We have room for just over 330 different varieties in our orchard, but few other apple tree owners have the luxury of so many.

Why, then, would people choose to grow a relatively unknown variety like Roman Stem? For some, the novelty factor may be important, but still, there are lots of novelty varieties to choose among.

So we also demand good flavour, nice texture, attractiveness and a tree that produces large crops annually. That plus the novelty factor.

And that's exactly what we get from Roman Stem.

Roman Stem Facts

Its origins:

Discovered in New Jersey, USA, sometime before 1868.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

The tender and juicy flesh verges on being sweet.


A medium-sized apple that's roundish and pale green-skinned, often with blushes of pale pink or bronze on the sunny side, plus russet patches.

When they’re available:

Late season (usually in mid-October).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:


Keeping ability:

We'll let you know when we find out.

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