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Our Top 25

Here they are: our premiere selection of apple varieties. We consider these to be the varieties most likely to consistently produce magnificent and memorable fruit in our Salt Spring Island orchard. Read more


Cider Kings

We definitely don't stop at 25 varieties. In fact, we consider these 29 traditional cider varieties (with a few crab-apples and a diminutive super-juicer thrown in) to be the secret to Real Cider. They're most certainly worth checking out. Read more


The Whole 333+

In a world blessed with thousands of apple varieties, not making our Top 25 or Cider Kings lists is hardly cause for embarrassment. Every one of these 333+ apples is a winner in our books. Read more

Our Top Nine

There are an awful lot of apple varieties out there, but we've reserved a special place for nine varieties we think may be the very best examples of what can be grown on Salt Spring. We're planting more than 100 trees of each of these varieties in our own orchard -- more than any others because we think these are the best apples around. Here's Our Top Nine in alphabetical order... 

Ashmead's Kernel

Any day you're feeling particularly ancient, just think of an apple variety nearly 300 years old. An especially delicious one... Read more

Belle de Boskoop

The first of our two greats from the Netherlands is an oldtimer that still tastes awesome after months in storage. Read more

Calville Blanc d'Hiver

It's a fancy name for such a homely apple, but appearances aren't everything. Check out the incredible flavour! Read more

Karmijn de Sonnaville

Don't worry about pronouncing its Dutch name. Just savour the intense flavour. Read more

King of Tompkins County

This is the all-time super delectable classic apple that first won us over to Salt Spring apples. The King deserves to be much better known than it is. Read more



If you're from Ohio, you know all about this tart, juicy multi-purpose apple. Read more


Super early, super good and up to the challenge of growing on the West Coast. Read more

Sweet Sixteen

Unusual in its vanilla-like flavour and a pretty, dependable apple you're going to love. Read more

Wolf River

A cooking apple so legendary for its deliciousness, you might have heard of it despite its rejection by industrial agriculture. Read more


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