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Our Top 25

Here they are: our premiere selection of apple varieties. We consider these to be the varieties most likely to consistently produce magnificent and memorable fruit in our Salt Spring Island orchard. Read more


Cider Kings

We definitely don't stop at 25 varieties. In fact, we consider these 29 traditional cider varieties (with a few crab-apples and a diminutive super-juicer thrown in) to be the secret to Real Cider. They're most certainly worth checking out. Read more


The Whole 333+

In a world blessed with thousands of apple varieties, not making our Top 25 or Cider Kings lists is hardly cause for embarrassment. Every one of these 333+ apples is a winner in our books. Read more

Our Apples

This is what we're all about -- growing about 333 different yummy and incredible heritage and connoisseur apple varieties, each with its own history and distinctive flavour, texture and other attributes. And we graft new varieties every spring, so we definitely don't lack diversity.

We consider choosing apple varieties to be one of our most important jobs. After all, our offerings -– their quality and uniqueness –- are what make Salt Spring Apple Company special.


Jonafrees-at-market2013.jpgOur orchard includes classic and historic apple varieties long forgotten by industrial agriculture as well as excellent newer disease-resistant varieties you won't find in stores.

Unlike large growers, our first priority is taste, not uniformity. We will not reject an apple variety simply for failing to cooperate with the imperatives of industrial agriculture.


For example, industrial producers will not grow an apple variety that often varies in size of fruit, even if it is an excellent apple in every other way. Nor will they grow an apple that requires numerous harvests to pick all the fruit at its best quality. Nor a variety that tends to be small, nor one that tends to be visually ‘imperfect.’ Not even if the apple is otherwise sublime.

We will grow apples of all those types, as long as the quality of the fruit is outstanding.


Our selection of apple varieties –- which will continue to evolve over time -– balances several important considerations. We include:

  • The best quality apple varieties not widely available commercially.
  • A mix of heirloom and newer connoisseur varieties.
  • Varieties with historic connections to our region.
  • Varieties covering a range of ripening seasons so we have quality fresh fruit over the longest possible period of the year.
  • Disease resistant varieties we can consistently grow well without chemicals.

Read all about the types of apples we have chosen. There's Our Top 25, Cider Kings and The Whole 333.

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