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Northpole Spire

Why you should be excited:

Northpole Spire is a skinny tree that grows without any long side branches. The apple is much like a McIntosh.


apple_northpolespire.jpgThe story of Northpole Spire:

Yes, the fruit looks a lot like McIntosh.

That’d be because they’re closely related. Northpole Spire is a descendant of McIntosh Wijcik, a mutation of the original McIntosh that was discovered in British Columbia by a fellow named Wijcik.

The mutant tree grew straight and tall like its fellow Macs, but simply refused to make significant-sized side branches. The result was a narrow tree, well suited to small spaces and containers. This mutant tree has been used in breeding to create several new varieties, including Northpole Spire, all of which share this tall and skinny characteristic.

So here it is, essentially a super-skinny tree producing a Mac-like apple, except even redder.

Northpole Spire Facts

Its origins:

Bred in Canada; 1990s introduction.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

Juicy, crisp, white flesh with strong, straightforward apple flavour. Highly aromatic.


A bright red, often even crimson, apple.

When they’re available:

Mid-season (usually in mid-September).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:


Keeping ability:

Good (2 months when kept refrigerated).

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