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Mela Carla

Why you should be excited:

Mela Carla is an Italian apple that needs a good warm growing season to deliver its fruit at full flavour.


apple_melacarla.jpgThe story of Mela Carla:

Although it's barely even known in its Italian homeland today, Mela Carla was quite a phenom back in the day, inspiring apple lovers across Europe to seek it out.

In the United Kingdom, where they had a heck of a time getting Mela Carla ripe in their sometimes dull summer weather, folks would grow potted trees under glass in hopes of getting the beautiful fruit ripe.

It's not a large apple, but it's a pretty one, delivering excellent flavour over about a four month period each fall and winter.

Even as the flavour moderates over time in storage, Mela Carla apples retain their appeal both to the eye and the taste buds.

Mela Carla Facts

Its origins:

Unknown origins in Italy, sometime before the 1700s.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

The flesh is soft and whiote, aromatic, juicy and sweet.


A smallish, pretty apple that's flushed with red.

When they’re available:

Mid-season (usually in early October).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Keeping ability:

Very good (4 or 5 months when kept refrigerated).

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