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Why you should be excited:

Marechal is a French bittersweet cider apple that's notable for its vigour, disease resistence and tannin.


The story of Marechal:

It's difficult to find much information on Marechal, a French bittersweet cider apple we're likely to see more of in coming years.

Why will we see more of it? Because it's got a lot of tannin packed into each smallish apple. And why do we want tannin? People who dislike bitter beverages may wonder, but there's a good answer: not only does tannin give cider body, so we don't just swallow and forget it immediately; it also gives cider a beautiful golden colour.

Cider made just of dessert varieties will be almost as colourless as its flavour is bland, unless foreign substances are added (which we don't want). Tannic apples oxidize before fermentation has even begun, contributing colour as well as flavourful substance to cider.

So here's to seeing a lot more of Marechal in the not-so-distant future!


Marechal Facts

Its origins:

Unknown origins, likely in France.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

In cider, the bittersweet juice is distinctly tannic.


We don't know. We're looking foward to seeing for ourselves.

When they’re available:

Late season (usually in late October).

Quality for fresh eating:

This bittersweet cider variety is definitely not for fresh eating.

Quality for cooking:

Good in cider.

Keeping ability:

Cider apples are rarely kept in storage for long.

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