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Why you should be excited:

Lodi is considered to be a big upgrade from Transparent as a super-early apple. And that's a good thing.


apple_lodi.jpgThe story of Lodi:

Damning with faint praise. That’s how some people will characterize the suggestion that Lodi’s best feature is that it does what Transparent does, but better.

Really, though, while Transparent has its limitations, are we really in a position to complain when we can take a tasty apple off a tree in July and have something good to eat?

Perhaps we’ve just become spoiled by perfectly ripe apples being available 365 days a year, thanks to high-tech storage systems and the worldwide shipping of apples from one hemisphere to the other.

Lodi does keep better than Transparent and that’s a big plus. If you want to eat local apples, then a decent early apple is solid gold.

Lodi Facts

Its origins:

Bred in Geneva, New York, USA; introduced 1924.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

Sweet, balanced by definite sharpness, and juicy.


An attractive, medium-sized yellow apple.

When they’re available:

Very early season (usually late July).

Quality for fresh eating:

Fairly good.

Quality for cooking:


Keeping ability:

Minimal (no more than 2 weeks when kept refrigerated).

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