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Why you should be excited:

Honeycrisp is a relatively young apple variety that’s already legendary for its explosive crispness.


apple_honeycrisp.jpgThe story of Honeycrisp:

If you think using words like ‘explosive’ to describe an apple is just a teensy bit over-the-top, we empathize.

But in the case of Honeycrisp, this is accurate terminology.

Developed by folks at the University of Minnesota who were looking for great flavour, crispness and a tree that could withstand harsh prairie winters, Honeycrisp is an apple that wins over devotees on their first taste.

Some find the extreme crunchiness a bit excessive, but many apple eaters adore this variety and will eat nothing else.

As a 'licensed variety' (strangely enough, just in Canada now), growers are required to pay a fee for every Honeycrisp tree they plant or propagate. So we don't graft it.

Honeycrisp Facts

Its origins:

Bred in Minnesota, USA; 1990s introduction.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

Incredibly crunchy despite its soft, white flesh. It's juicy and sweet, with little acidity.


Medium-to-large in size with an irregular red-orange flush covering much of its green/yellow background.

When they’re available:

Mid-season (usually in early October).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Keeping ability:

Good (3 to 4 months when kept refrigerated).

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