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Gascoyne's Scarlet

Why you should be excited:

Gascoyne’s Scarlet is a beautiful 19th century English apple that starts off tasting harsh before mellowing nicely.


apple_gascoynesscarlet.jpgThe story of Gascoyne's Scarlet:

With a flavour that has been described by some as ‘balsamatic’ and by others as ‘delicate,’ Gascoyne’s Scarlet is an apple that starts off rather harshly –- hard and sour -– at harvest, before mellowing into something special while in storage.

Although it has mostly slipped into obscurity, this is an apple that once gained popularity in Germany and France, in addition to Great Britain.

The bright red flush makes it an eye-catcher. Just remember to bite into a Gascoyne’s Scarlet with care right after harvest. If you can wait until December, you’ll skip the hard and sour phase and move right into delicious.

Gascoyne's Scarlet Facts

Its origins:

Raised from seed in Kent, England; introduced in 1871.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

Mellows in storage to become sweet, with an excellent, distinctive flavour.


The cream-coloured background of this large, roundish apple is covered by a bright red flush and stripes.

When they’re available:

Mid-season (usually in late September).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Keeping ability:

Good (about 3 months when kept refrigerated).

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