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Blue Pearmain

Why you should be excited:

Blue Pearmain is an old American variety that’s notable for its bluish bloom and sweet aromatic qualities.


apple_bluepearmain.jpgThe story of Blue Pearmain:

Here’s an old apple that got somewhat misplaced in the history books over the centuries.

Almost certainly originating in the United States, where it was noted in the early 19th century, it made its way to the United Kingdom somewhere close to a century later, where it won favour in the 1890s.

Back in the New World, Blue Pearmain was widely planted in New England and New York due to its sweet flesh and delicate aroma.

Today, it has been the beneficiary of rekindled interest by amateur growers and those looking to reconnect with history.

Definitely an old-style apple, with none of the hard crispness or mouth-puckering tartness of many modern varieties, this is one for the connoisseur.

Blue Pearmain Facts

Its origins:

Discovered in the USA (we think); early 1800s or even earlier.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

The cream-coloured flesh is soft, sweet and delicately aromatic.


A large apple that tends to be covered in a bluish bloom.

When they’re available:

Mid-season (usually in early October).

Quality for fresh eating:


Quality for cooking:

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Keeping ability:

Excellent (up to 6 months when kept refrigerated).

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