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333+ Apple Varieties

Yep, we're growing that many different types of apples. It's an incredible collection of classic heirloom and wonderful connoisseur varieties. And almost none are what you'll find filling the bins of most grocery stores. Read more


Rooms With a View

Salt Spring Island is an idyllic place to visit. And where better to stay than a room at the B&B @ Salt Spring Apple Company? Perfectly located and open year-round.

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Your own Apple Tree

We've got heritage and connoisseur apple trees for sale and we'll even graft one to your personal specifications. Read more

Apple Trees for Sale

We've got heritage and connoisseur apple trees for sale to folks on Canada's West Coast! Potted one year whips (trees grafted last spring) of many varieties are now available. graftingcloseup.jpgYou can also place an order for custom grafting, which we do in March of each year, for delivery in the following Fall.

We have more than 333 different heritage and connoisseur varieties of apple trees -- perfect both as a conversation piece and a source of an almost endless supply of wonderful, distinctive fruit.

What varieties we have available varies from month to month and year to year, depending on what we graft and how quickly each variety sells. If you're overwhelmed by the large number of varieties and don't know where to start, check out our Picking the Perfect Apple Tree page for lists of varieties organized by specific attributes.

For more information on buying a tree from Salt Spring Apple Company, see our information about Your New Apple Tree.

With custom grafting, we can provide you with exactly the variety you're looking for, or even to graft new trees from cuttings taken from your favourite apple tree. But there are some things you need to know about custom grafting orders. And there are some varieties we can't graft for you.

We sell potted apple trees year-round, when we have some on hand. They are available at our farmgate for $35 each, plus GST. We also offer discounts for orders of 20 or more trees, as long as this is a single order with one payment and delivery address. For larger orders, the discount is substantial. We also may be able to arrange delivery to Vancouver Island and B.C.'s Lower Mainland for an additional charge.

Please note that export requirements and quarantine rules prevent us from shipping to the United States or other countries other than Canada. Sorry about that.

If you are located on the coast, please contact us (250-538-2197 or for more information or to order your tree. 

You may also want to read about Custom Grafting Orders, Planting Your Apple Tree and Ongoing Care of Your Apple Tree.

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